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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development by Industry Experts

A cryptocurrency wallet is a digital wallet created to be used for storing, managing and transacting virtual currencies like bitcoin. A wallet can be customized for supporting a specific currency or a number of digital coins, depending on the client’s requirements. Cryptocurrencies are essentially virtual money, which means they have no existence and can only be recorded in blockchain-powered wallets. The best thing about a cryptocurrency wallet is that it can be used anytime and anywhere for transferring money and performing online monetary transactions.

At Wannastation, we develop highly secure and feature-rich digital wallets to support a wide range of virtual and physical currencies/assets. Our blockchain development team specializes in creating decentralized wallets enabled for faster and low-cost transactions. As the number of cryptocurrency users worldwide is increasing every day, we continue to develop best-in-class blockchain solutions, smart contracts and crypto wallets to enable businesses/individuals to securely store and manage their digital assets. We can also create customizable digital wallets, according to your specific requirements and purpose. Contact us now for a quote.

Different types of cryptocurrency wallets developed by our team

Crypto Currency Web

Web Wallet Development

Web wallets can be accessed online anytime and anywhere using the internet. They are ideal for small savings and can be customized to support multiple cryptocurrencies and exchange trading.

Crypto Currency Web

Mobile Crypto Wallet Development

These are mobile-based wallet apps which provide high-end functionality to the users along with the ability to access their digital assets on any mobile device. They are ideal for remote payments and transactions.

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Desktop Wallet Development

These wallets are known to be more secure than web and mobile wallets, and can be used as cold storage for storing different types of digital and physical assets. They are easy to use and immune to hacking.

How did we get into Blockchain & Cryptocurrency technology...

Since Blockchain & Cryptocurrency fundamental technologies are based on Cryptographic Algorithms, it coincides with our core tech especially in ECC Symmetric Algorithms infrastructure which is currently deployed by all cryptocurrencies. Our Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Tech R&D commenced 3 years ago and the following are the current deployments and work-in-progress:

  • Involved in the design & development of backend security of WangCoin Cryptocurrency in 2016
  • Design and build a complete Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform for, intended for the Taiwanese market
  • Designing and building a complete Cryptocurrency front & backend solution platform and integration with Coin Exchanges for DTI Tech company from USA
  • Current project - design and build a complete Gold Exchange Blockchain platform together with Cryptocurrency front & backend solution platform and integration with Coin Exchanges for a Gold Mining US company with gold mine concessions in Guinea, Africa

Our Ethereum App Development Services

Our talented and experienced Ethereum app developers have developed some highly secure, reliable, and scalable applications that are sure to drive change.

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Ehereum Blockchain Consulting

Our experienced Ethereum developers and programmers provide you the best strategic advice for building Ethereum applications that augment your business success and improve your ROI.

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Smart Contracts Solutions

The Blockchain developers at Wannastation develop smart contract apps with Ethereum. You can hire our Ethereum programmers to build applications that can run unsupervised business transactions to save a huge amount.

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Customized Ethereum Wallet Apps

We utilize our best and experienced team professionals for providing customized Ethereum wallet solutions for different businesses. Select our Ethereum programmers for creating wallet applications that suit your requirements and boost your business.

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DAPP Services

Our expert development team is best at delivering decentralized applications (DAPP) on Ethereum blockchain. Hire our programmers to create unique and personalized applications that are sure to bring success.

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Crypto Currency App Development

As a leading Ethereum development company, our team of talented and experienced professionals develops scalable, reliable, and highly secure cryptocurrency systems that meet your demands.

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Hypher Ledger Solutions

With Ethereum, our trained developers create innovative Hyperledger based applications that are immutable, scalable, protected, trusted, & support a wide range of plugins.

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Permissioned Blockchain

Our expertise lies in configuring Ethereum blockchain customized as per the use cases. We help our customers to configure and fork ethereum blockchain pertaining to their business logic.

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ICO/STO Development

With our token insurance platform, customers can create Ethereum token contracts & crowdsale contracts. Our platform makes our customers issue tokens, create & run customized bounty and airdrop programs.

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QA and Testing Services

From the initial stage of the project, our Ethereum app development firm puts quality analysts in the loop so you can make sure your app functions well in all the stages.

Our Ethereum Development Process

We believe in keeping everything transparent with our clients. We have explained the three stages of the Ethereum development process below

  • 01

    Gather Information

    When clients contact us, we reach them within 24 hours. The team understands the needs of the client, analyze their requirements and provide them a professional insight for their better understanding and plan a roadmap for the Ethereum development process.

  • 02

    Start Development & Fix Deadlines

    Our team of Ethereum developers is particular about completing the project in a fixed time. For this, we fix timelines before starting with the development process. This allows our team to deliver advanced solutions timely.

  • 03


    Once our project is extensively tested by internal testers and QAs, we deliver an Ethereum application to the client. Our work does not end here, in order to add relevancy, we provide support and solutions for bugs that pop up after the delivery.