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Cyber Security Services

We are one of the very few Elliptic Curve Cryptography developers in the world offering military grade ECC key exchanges.

Mobile Security

Businesses today are fully embracing BYOD, and mobile applications are becoming the preferred platform for users and customers to access data and even conduct transactions.

IT and security teams are now tasked to meet the emerging challenges of mobility - preventing mobile malware and data loss, delivering secure applications, and re-defining their risk and compliance strategies to meet the new world order of mobile business. And they’re finding that going mobile securely takes more than a single technology or point in time policy.

That's why Wannastation's Mobile Security Practice is helping customers take a more holistic approach to mobility. With deep skills in compliance and risk management, integrated security technologies and the unmatched threat experts of SpiderLabs, our solutions and services for mobile security help you improve your risk and compliance posture, protect your network from emerging vulnerabilities and threats, and develop and deploy secure mobile applications to your customers and users.

Mobile Security

Desktop Security

Desktop Security

Personal computer and laptop security (often referred to as “desktop security”) is absolutely essential to ensuring a robust, reliable, and secure campus cyber environment. It is thus extremely important that desktop computers meet campus Minimum Standards for connecting to the network and that these devices utilize WannaStation's encryption software.

This service secures data using standard NIST -approved encryption of the computer hard disk. We have wide range of security tools to protect your desktop from the hackers. The tools include File Encryption, File Cloak, Shredder, Disk Wipe (Erase free space), Virtual Drive, and Secure Email.

It is a single solution to protect entire data in your desktop. WannaStation's Desktop Solution protects all data on a hard disk from unauthorized access in the event the computer is lost or stolen. Desktop encryption software essentially "locks down" your hard drive, making it the data accessible only to you and those you authorize.

Network Security

When it comes to network security, Wannastation provides the superior usability, flexibility and expertise you need to ensure you’re protected from the latest threats and in control of who gets to access what data. All Network Security products are available as self-managed devices or as a managed security service.

Experience the Wannastation Network Security advantage:

Unmatched Flexibility – whether you choose a self-managed or managed service option, you have the flexibility to easily transition to another model as your business needs change

Simplified Security – we make network security management simple, so you can get back to what should be your focus: growing your business

Superior Protection – Wannastation’s advanced research, intelligence and development serves as the backbone of our network security solutions and services

Network Security