IDA Code

Secure QR Code Authentication Solution

IDA Code

IDACODE is a revolutionary Multi-Platform Authentication Solution comprising Server, Desktop and Mobile based verification technology. Using a proven proprietary encrypted QR Code system, it can be deployed with or without internet access.

This is because IDACODE does not require connectivity to a Database Server to carry out its function. With this system, a Corporate User, University or Government Agency would be able to create encrypted codes speedily to be incorporated into the printing of protected materials that require validation upon use and eCopy of documents requiring online authentication and verification.

To read these ciphers, a user may use his smartphone or other devices with IDA installed or pre-configured to decode the secured codes.

IDA Code

Application Overview

Applications include authentication of:
  • University Certificates
  • Government papers including:
    • Road Tax discs
    • National IDs
    • Passports and other travel documents
  • Wills & Insurance Policies
  • FMCG labels & Smartcards
  • Any physical document requiring validation in its life cycle
  • Virtual Authentication

IDA may also be incorporated into various equipment that are used for certification purposes. This will eventually be a crucial component for the effective deployment of Internet of Things (IOT), the forthcoming trillion dollar industry.

Key Benefits of IDACODE:

  • Multi-Platform (Server, Desktop & Mobile) deployment with or without internet connectivity
  • Highly Secured with proprietary PKI cryptographic technology
  • Extremely Cost Effective to deploy
  • Easily Scalable to meet all your business expansion needs
  • Customizable to meet your Exact Needs
  • Fast Deployment and Very Short Learning Cycle
  • Proven Technology installed in various National Security Agencies which requires the highest level of security specifications